The new TAEevo LWT are air cooled chillers, cutting edge of cooling technology, it has been specifically engineered for industrial application that requires cooling glycolate fluids with temperatures down to -24 °C.

The entire TAEevo LWT range is equipped with an immersed finned coil evaporator and scroll compressors. In support of the European Union’s legislation regarding the fluorinated greenhouse gases, the TAEevo LWT range utilises the more sustainable R449A refrigerant instead of R404A and R407F.

Technical features


Cooling capacity:
4.5 – 52.5 kW

Scroll compressor


Heat exchanger:
Immersed finned coil

Axial fan

Chemical and pharmaceutical, food and beverage, rental


  • New refrigerant fluid R449A, offering the more sustainable solution instead of alternatives R404A and R47F ;
  • Extended operating limits: Tw in max = 0°C, Tw out min = -24°C with glycol; Tamb max = +42°C; Tamb min = -5°C;
  • IP54 electrical panel protection rate makes TAEevo LWT chillers suitable for outdoor installation;
  • Extensive range of accessories and kits, allows each unit to match the specific customer requirements;
  • Comprehensive safety equipment, including phase monitor, HP/LP pressure switches and sensor level;
  • Immersed finned coil evaporator that ensures steady temperatures of outlet fluid also in variable conditions of the heat load;
  • Hydraulic circuit configuration suitable to operate with atmospheric and pressurized system (up to 6 barg).


  • Manual filling kit for atmospheric hydraulic circuits;
  • Remote ON/OFF;
  • Remote display;
  • Supervision systems RS485, XWEB300D EVO;
  • Modularity kit Master/Slave from 2 to 5 units.

Technical specifications

  • Galvanized carbon steel sheet structure hot painted with polyester powder;
  • R449A refrigerant;
  • Parametric microprocessor controller;
  • Scroll compressors;
  • Immersed finned coil evaporator with copper tubes and aluminium fins;
  • Electronic expansion valve;
  • Axial fans with electronic speed regulation (phase cut-off);
  • HP/LP refrigerant manometers;
  • Integrated hydraulic circuit configuraton made up from: circulation pump with medium available pressure drop, inertial accumulation tank and air vent/discharge valves;
  • Conductive fluid sensor level;
  • Water flow pressure manometer;
  • Phase monitor;
  • Compressor crankcase heater;
  • Electrical power supply 400/3/50;
  • SEPR MT Tier2 compliant.


  • Low ambient temperature version (-20°C).

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