DryXtreme - NA

Heatless adsorption dryers (cold regenerated). Air flow 0,12 – 1,06 m³/min.

The DryXtreme NA adsorption dryers offer dew points from - 40°C to -70°C allowing accurate and efficient operation in many critical applications such as the chemical-pharmaceutical, food, electronic, automotive industries or in external, low temperature installations. All this within a compact and technologically-advanced package.

The NA dryers feature two painted extruded aluminium vessels, each equipped with a cartridge containing absorbent material (molecular sieve). The compressed air is dried alternately by the 2 cartridges, which are regenerated via a small part of the air already treated, when the absorbent material becomes saturated with moisture.


  • Suitable for installations worldwide: the units can operate at any voltage between 100-240 VAC and 12 ÷ 24 Vdc;
  • Conformity with all main international Standards;
  • Easily removable front panel for easy access for maintenance;
  • Advanced electronic control with possibility of connection to energy management systems;
  • Dessicant cartridges with integrated post-filter, built-in handle and transparent casing for visual checks of the status of the absorbent material;
  • Standard electronic condensate drain valves, managed and controlled by the CPU;
  • Extremely compact design;
  • Suitable for wall and horizontal mounting.

Technical features:

  • Painted extruded aluminium structure;
  • Molecular sieve based absorbent material;
  • Microprocessor control;
  • Standard electric power supplies: 100-240V 50/60Hz VAC, 12-24V Vdc;
  • Standard silencers;
  • Nin/max operating pressure = 4/16 barg;
  • Input air max. temperature = +50°C.