Biogas dryers. Biogas flow 0,8 - 78,3 m³/min.

Specifically designed to dry the Biogas destined to power the co-generators, EnerDryer is extremely compact and suitable for outdoor installation. The strong galvanized steel beam structure supports the dryer and features an industrial chiller with an integrated hydraulic module and a thermally insulated drying system, in turn formed by a gas/water heat exchanger, an economizer exchanger and a condensate separation and drain system. All parts in contact with the biogas are in stainless steel, ensuring stable and secure operation through time.


  • Resistant to corrosion thanks to the shell and tube heat exchangers in AISI 304 (biogas side);
  • Plug & play configuration for easy and quick installation;
  • Higher efficiency of the combustion in the CHP cogenerator, with reduction of biogas consumption;
  • Increased CHP cogenerator lubrication oil duration;
  • Reduction of freezing problems thanks to the elimination of condensate from the biogas distribution lines;
  • Reduction of corrosive phenomenon caused by the combination of condensate with CO2 and H2S;
  • Reduction of plant downtimes and maintenance costs;
  • Better performance and duration of the dry biogas filtering systems;
  • Elimination of part of the impurities present in the biogas by “washing” effect.

Technical features:

  • Biogas side shell and tube heat exchangers in AISI 304;
  • Chiller with Eurovent certified performance;
  • Integrated economizer heat exchanger, entirely in stainless steel: reduces energy consumption and safeguards the dew point;
  • Double demister separator with twin condensate outlets, ensure an excellent dew point and maximum efficiency;
  • Heat insulated standard heat exchangers for maximum system efficiency;
  • Designed for outdoor installation;
  • Special and customised versions on request.