CoolPro - WE/WF

CoolPro - WE/WF - Water cooled aftercooler. Air flow 1,5 - 640 m³/min.

Final water coolers from the CoolPro – WE/WF series allow the efficient and economical purification of compressed air by cooling the air at the outlet of the compressor at an outlet temperature of only 10°C higher than that of the inlet water. This cooling causes condensation of up to 80% of the moisture present in the compressed air that can be separated thanks to an AS/MS centrifugal condensate separator installed at the outlet of the cooler.

The WE/WF final coolers consist of a shell and tube exchanger cooled in perfect countercurrent by a flow of cooling water.


  • Robust design suited to the extreme conditions of typically industrial tasks;
  • Helical exchanger pipes for maximum heat exchange efficiency and minimum pressure loss;
  • Heat exchange in perfect countercurrent;
  • Suitable for any requirement and application;
  • Combined condensate separators;
  • Flanges from WF225 to WF 6400 and nipple from WF 015 to WF 165 included.

Technical features:

  • Copper helical exchanger pipes;
  • Vessel made of carbon steel protected by primer painting + water-soluble acrylic varnish;
  • Centrifugal condensate separator included;
  • Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar(g) (WF015-1030) and 10 bar(g) (WF1250-6400);
  • Maximum temperature compressed air inlet: 200°C.