CoolPro - AF

CoolPro - AF - Air cooled aftercooler. Air flow 0,6 - 38,7 m³/min.

The aftercoolers in the CoolPro - AF range use ambient air to cool the output air at the compressor at an output temperature of only 10°C higher than the ambient temperature. This cooling causes the condensation of up to 80% of the moisture present in the compressed air, which can be separated thanks to an AS/MS centrifugal condensate separator installed at the aftercooler outlet.

The AF air aftercoolers are made up from a heat exchanger with finned coil, cooled by a high-efficiency axial fan mounted on a galvanised and painted sheet structure.


  • Robust design suitable for heavy duty industrial working conditions;
  • Suitable for any requirement and application;
  • Matching condensate separators;
  • Top quality.

Technical features:

  • Exchange coil with copper pipes and aluminium fins;
  • High efficiency permanently lubricated, low noise fan;
  • Galvanised and painted sheet structure;
  • Protection grids;
  • Centrifugal condensate separator included;
  • Electric power supply: 230V±10%/1Ph/50 Hz (AF007-013); 400V ±10% /3Ph/50 Hz (AF025-381);
  • Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar(g) mod. AF007-201;  10 bar(g) mod. AF251-381;
  • Compressed air maximum input temperature: 200 °C.