NEPTUNE TECH is a series of MTA water cooled chillers and heat pumps with inversion cycle on the water side designed for outdoor installation with R410A refrigerant gas.The water cooled chillers of the NEPTUNE TECH series, offered in a large number of models, versions, and layouts, respond optimally to the complex requirements of use within the context of air conditioning of large civil, private and public structures and within the commercial sector. The multi-scroll logics, adopted across the entire series, allow maximisation of the performance indices with partial loads which account for the largest portion of the working life of an air conditioning unit. Particular attention was paid to the dimensions of the space of these units that must be transported within technical rooms that are often difficult to access.

Technical features

Cooling or cooling and heating

Cooling capacity:
244 – 583 kW

Heating capacity:
263 – 686 kW

Scroll compressor


Heat exchanger: 
Plate heat exchanger

Airports, stations, hospitals, leisure and sport centres, public buildings, schools, shopping centres